Seems that I’m not the only fan of actor Sean Bean

Seems that I’m not the only fan of actor Sean Bean who’s rebelling against the habitually unhappy fates of the characters he plays. Yesterday on the blog was news of a tongue-in-cheek campaign by the RockPaperCynic comics site whose wording I’ve retyped here, since I can’t find the page on the comics site: “Since 1986 Sean Bean has died in over 20 film and TV productions. [Next on the page: a photo of him looking doomed in season 1 of Game of Thrones.] He has been BRUTALLY KILLED by bow and arrows, handgun, revolver, shotgun, machine gun, bayonet, satellite crushing, freezing, slashing, cow stampede, hanging, live burial, impaling, beheading, drowning, exploding, stabbing, dismemberment, cloning and other dangers. One Sean Bean dies every 1.24 years. But you have the power to stop it. Support the Save Sean Bean Campaign. Let’s try to make it through 2012 without killing Sean Bean.”

    But, wouldn’t you know it, second in the comment thread at Tor was this: “Sean Bean has already been killed once this year: The new show Missing opens with his death.” (According to the IMDB page on Missing, Mr. Bean’s character appeared in four episodes in 2012. Seven episodes of the show had been produced as of the date I checked.)

    Since Mr. Bean has to make a living, of course it would be ludicrous to ask him to stop accepting “fatal” parts because his fans are really stressed out about it. It’s more that we’re paying tribute to his acting ability and extraordinary power to make audiences care about the (often tragic) characters he plays. But how we’re supposed to “toughen up,” I have no idea. (My previous comments on Sean Bean were posted on 16 April and 11 March.)