I’ve been watching the British TV series Kingdom on DVD.

I’ve been watching the British TV series Kingdom on DVD. Its 18 episodes ran in three series from 2007–09 and star Stephen Fry as solicitor Peter Kingdom practising in a small town in Norfolk, England (in which county Fry grew up, as a matter of fact). He and the gorgeously-filmed Norfolk landscape are the principal reasons to watch, in addition to the presence of actors Celia Imrie, Phillida Law and Karl Davies (who went on to play Alton Lannister in season 2 [2012] of Game of Thrones). I discovered the series while searching for work by Fry (of whom I’m a fan) to entertain me. The episode plots are weak and Peter Kingdom’s siblings Beatrice and Simon are irritating, but I’m finding the series charming and the theme music, which serves as a paean to Norfolk, especially feel-good. (I’m currently resisting the urge to move to Norfolk.) I understand from some research that Kingdom was cancelled unexpectedly (there was a decline in the show’s popularity in the UK, perhaps because of the “Peter’s no-good brother Simon” plotline in series 2) before all the plot points were wound up. So I won’t be surprised, when I reach the final episode, to find that it ends with a cliffhanger.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, I have season 2 waiting for me on DVD. I don’t expect to be charmed at all, but then, nobody is watching the show for charm.