After too long a hiatus, I’m back

With loads of stuff to add to the blog. For now, I’ve updated the Links page and added thereto a humorous site that’s updated weekly: “Sign Language,” run by the travel section of The Telegraph site in the UK. Among the oddball signs that I didn’t include in my Links write-up was one whose origin seemed to be a drugstore window in the US or Canada: “Attention shoppers: Due to manufacturing issues, we are currently out of good sense. We are sorry for any inconvenience,” posted 31 July 2012, and this notice in an Australian washroom: “Dear Patrons: Please remember female sanity products should be placed in the Sanity bins of the toilet cubicles,” posted the week of 10 July.

Near the end of July, a reader asked me how the petunias, pictured in the entry below, were doing, and I had to report that the petunias were no more. (As were the Sweet William.) However, the pink geranium that shared the planter is clinging to life (though finished flowering). I transplanted it to its own, smaller, pot in order that it may continue its work of enriching our atmosphere with oxygen, and because I couldn’t bear to pitch it. My mother was fond of geraniums, although I am not.